Greenhouses Accessories

Greenhouses Accessories

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Twin Shelf Kit

Twin Shelf Kit

Customize your greenhouse for perfect gardening experience. Palram offer a wide range of accessories that completing greenhouse experience and makes gardening more easy, efficient and comfortable. The greenhouse accessories create an individual-unique greenhouse which fits perfectly to your specific needs.

  • Twin Shelf Kit
  • Heavy Duty Shelf Kit
  • Plant Hangers
  • Vent Kit Clear
  • Vent Kit TwinWall
  • Automatic Vent Opener
  • Shade Kit
  • Drip Irrigation Kit
  • Trellising Kit Pro
  • Side Louver Window
  • Automatic louver window opener
  • Anchoring Kit

 Design your greenhouse to your specific needs

Provides your flowers and plants the best conditions and environment to thrive  by fitting your greenhouse the perfect specific needs.  Palram Applications greenhouses accessories are a complete successful solution.

Automatic Vent Opener

  • Opens vent window automatically at warm temperature for air circulation and heat relief. Closes when temperature cools.
  • Start opening point: 12-15 ◦с


Vent Kit

Palram Vent Kit is the perfect traditional answer for roof ventilation to cooling and reduce temp and humidity inside your greenhouse.

  • Provide and increase airflow, and aid cooling during warmer days
  • Controls the temperature and humidity of the air in the greenhouse
  • Additional vent create ideal ventilation for Palram’s hobby greenhouses


Shade Kit

Fit perfectly into Palram’s greenhouses and helps you to protect crops and plants from excessive sunlight during sunny days.

  • Controls and reduces 75% of sunlight exposure
  • 100% UV protected
  • Fast and easy assembly using Smart-Lock connectors
  • Can be easily re-positioned for changing needs


Twin shelf Kit

Maximize your gardening space with palram’s shelving system for easy planting and flowerpots daily maintaining and care.

  • Hanging system  clamps to the greenhouse frame
  • Can be assembled side by side as a long unit or separately
  • Can be easily re-positioned for changing seasons or crops
  • Includes 2 shelf parts, brackets, and fixing screws


Heavy Duty Shelf Kit

Durable shelving system inside your greenhouse will creates lots of space to gardening work. Fits all Palram’s greenhouses models

  • Deep shelf to place planting trays, large pots and soil bags
  • Can be chained with additional units to a longer shelf (4’, 6’ etc.)
  • Can be re-positioned easily – wall mounting kit included


Plant Hangers

Organize your flowerpots or baskets perfectly with fast and easy Plant hangers sliding into greenhouse profile.

  • Designed to attach shade kit & hanging baskets or pots
  • A complete greenhouse experience that makes gardening easier, efficient and comfortable
  • Single beg included 10 units


Drip Irrigation Kit 

Great way to keep your plants healthy and thrive with a drink of water for optimum growing.

  • Pressure regulator and filter system – Sealed regulating unit reduces water pressure stream through irrigation hoes and removes sediment from water.
  • Dripping regulator – creates an equal and controlled dispersal of water in all droppers.
  • Includes: 10 m drip lines, 16 droppers, 3/4″ adapter, 4 T connectors 4/6 mm  


Trellising Kit Pro

Dedicated and professional treatment to your vine growing plants  and your vegetable dishes will taste better

  • Professional hanging and trellising plants and vine crops for maximum support in the vegetable garden.
  • Assures accurate height control of lengthy plants and   improve there growth all season long.
  • Includes: 6 Roller hooks spool with 25 m twine, 3 types of support clips for different vine crops.



Side Louver Window

Achieve great ventilation with Palram’s side wall Louver window vent.

  • Additional adjustable ventilation provides and increase airflow and aides cooling during warmer days.
  • Interior shutters are operated with manual handle to control of the air flow.
  • Fits Palram greenhouses: Harmony, Mythos, Hybrid, Octave, Essence, Balance & Americana.


Auto Louver  Opener

Your plants  will get the best treatment and  nice cool breeze with Palram Automatic louver opener that control greenhouse louver opening according to the temperature for better ventilation. Using mechanical power cylinder fill with wax which expands with heat, that provides automatic opening according to level temperature.


Greenhouses Anchoring Kit

  • Smart solution to secure your  Palram greenhouse (Harmony, Mythos, Hybrid, Octave, Balance, Essence) to the ground you chose (soft / hard).
  • Effective way to anchor your greenhouse to the ground to secure from strong and harmful wind.
  • Comes with 4 tendons that are easily driven into the ground
  • Easy instillation


*Additional Anchoring Kit suitable for the Snap & Grow series is available

  • Functional greenhouse shelf
    This shelf is very functional and can support a flat of plants. It cannot support really heavy items easily, however I think that would be seldom necessary. It is a bit of a hassle to install but do-able.
       Michelle N Hanson, Posted by Amazon.com
  • FI_Victory
    Victory Orangery – Garden Chalet
    Americana 12×12 Greenhouse
    Hybrid – Merged Glazing
    Harmony – Clear Glazing